The Four Pillars of Generational Wealth
Achieve Mastery in Personal Finance, Grow Your Wealth, & Create New Streams Of Income
Learn How To Manage Your Finances, Get Funds For Your Investments, Invest in Income-Producing Assets, and Grow Your Wealth
Learn How To Build Wealth & Earn Passive Income
With Little Money And No Experience
  • Learn how to get your finances in order and Get Pre-Qualified For Loans.
  • Learn how to overcome Limiting Beliefs about money and finances and how to transform them into Empowering Beliefs
  • Learn how to generate Passive Income 
  • ​Learn how to Build Generational Wealth
  • ​... While keeping your day job.
    But TIME is of ESSENCE:
    • With video, you can go at your own pace. You can pause, repeat small sections or the entire video, and you can return to it at a later time from any device.
    • ​Videos make learning engaging and insightful
    • The content can be visualized and heard, so it becomes more effective to understand and learn.
    • Videos can be used to demonstrate procedures that can assist in mastery learning.
    • ​Each video module comes with exercises and action steps, with the required tools, so that you can turn knowledge into action for your specific situation.
    I've Been There ... Struggling To Make Ends Meet & Didn't Know What To Do About It!
    I Can Still Recall The Anxious Feeling
    Of Working For Long Hours In A Regular Job.

    Having My Family Waiting For Me At Home,
    Friends That Haven't Seen Me In Months
    And Tons Of Business Books Waiting On My Night Shelf.

    Books That Would Teach Me:
    How To Use The Time I Didn't Have!

    That's Why I Decided To Help YOU And Other Employees Struggling In Their Day Jobs To Achieve A Better Financial Life!

    I Created This Course Based On A Battle-Tested Award-Winning Method. 
    The Four Pillars of Generational Wealth
    This Course Will Help You Learn How To Generate Passive Income
    And Start Your Journey To Financial Freedom 
    With The Four Pillars of Generational Wealth, You'll Discover:
    • The hack on how to fund your investments with bad credit so you can quickly get that down payment and start creating residual income and become financially independent.
    • 4 creative solutions that you can mix and match to legally purchase your income-producing assets with little to nothing down and enjoy infinite rate of returns.
    • ​How to quickly avoid the #1 mistake investors make that causes them to take months or years to get started… so you can complete your first  investment in just few weeks.
    • ​The absolute “bullet-proof” checklist to determine whether it’s a good deal or not, so that you can have more time closing those great potential deals.
    • ​How to get up, running, and scale up your portfolio effortlessly to a level the accumulated residual income far exceeds your total expenses, so that you can start enjoying a life with more money, more time, and more career choices.
    • ​Overcome the 11 “limiting beliefs” that are making you stand in your own way to achieving your dreams and becoming a millionaire. I’ll show you how to reprogram and transform your mindset to create “empowering beliefs”.
    • ​My proven process that will increase your total income and save you from the piles of debt and bills, so that you stop trading too many hours for few dollars and free up more of your time to see more of your family and travel the world.
    • ​Interact, explore and digest the content at your own pace with video learning to 10X your learning process, so that you can live a stress-free life without quitting your job, while building generational wealth!
    You'll Get My Top 4 Personal Finance And Wealth Building Secrets:
    Video 1: Discover how to use your day job to become wealthy: I share with you my personal story of how I’ve become a millionaire while keeping my regular job. In this video we work on the first and the most importantly reality check question: Where Am I Know?

    Video 2: This video is all about reflections: Why am I there? Learn why thorough analysis of your thoughts and your current situation is so important!

    Video 3: This video will show how to recognize how your mindset is blocking your way to success, what are the limiting thoughts and beliefs on your way to becoming a Millionaire, and how to overcome your fear of failure and build your drive to succeed.

    Video 4: Where do you want to be? This video is about setting smart objectives that will get you to where you want to be. You are the creator of your life and your business! In this video I also tell you why real estate is the best asset for success.

    If you’re like me and looking for the competitive edge to access the Next Level strategies to go faster towards more income and more success, then don’t mis this.

    These training videos sold separately have a $470 Value!
      What People Are Saying About
      The Four Pillars of Generational Wealth
      A step-by-step guide to building passive income with rental properties while working in a full-time job.
      The Employee Millionaire is not for people who want a “get-rich-quick” scheme, as the initial set up does require work… But, as Chammas points out, if you are willing to put in the effort, the payoff is immense.

      A no nonsense approach to the nuts and bolts of real estate investing.
      The Employee Millionaire advocates for building financial freedom over time and using one’s position as an employee with a regular income to secure the financing necessary to begin investing in real estate.

      The Employee Millionaire is a complete guide to taking the first step towards establishing a successful real estate business …
      It guides throughout the process of a real estate deal, offering insight, dos and don’ts, and useful tips along the way.

      There is a heavy emphasis on the financial aspects of real estate investing. It has actual substance … I was very impressed.
      If you're looking to buy real estate to hold as rental properties, you'd be hard pressed to find a better material.
      This is a program for people who want to work their way to wealthy independence. It’s for people who want to use their employed status to create ongoing passive income from their property portfolio.  

      It’s for people who might want to eventually leave their 9 to 5's and enjoy a life where they - and not their boss - decide how they’ll spend each day. 

      If, after buying this course you discover that this isn’t you.... tell us within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back!

      Our program is proven so we can confidently offer you a risk-free guarantee - take advantage of it today!  
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      ©2018 - 2021, Employee Millionaire LLC - All Rights Reserved