Find High Profit Cash Flowing Rental Properties In As Little As 3 Months

...Even If You're starting from a point of low credit score, high debt, and little knowledge

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Since 2018, award-winning best-selling author, H.J. Chammas, has helped over 30,000 employees:

  • Go out of bad debt
  • Become financially independent with Rental Properties

…through his award-winning best-selling books, courses, and coaching program.

If you’re an employee... who's:

  • Working long hours, living from paycheck to paycheck
  • ​​Feeling the heavy weight of debt and bills on your shoulders

H.J. Chammas was exactly in this same situation …
for more than 16 years of his professional life as an employee…

And here is what he has found

Being employed gives you a superior advantage to become financially independent through Rental Properties

Get Access To...
The Next Millionaire Real Estate Investor Mentorship Course

Own your first income-producing asset (or more) and start earning passive income... in only 3 months

Here's what's inside:

  • Module #1 - Understand Your Personal Finances (Value $150)... See how your cash is flowing and determine your net worth like a professional investor. You will dive into your assets and determine which liabilities are eating your cashflow.
  • ​Module #2 - Become In Control Of Your Personal Finances (Value $100)...  Understand your Financial KPIs  and improve your credit score and financing eligibility to attract the necessary capital to fund your investments.
  • Module #3 - Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs (Value $150)... that are making you stand in your own way to Financial Success. Develop winning mindset and become a force to be reckoned with.
  • ​​​Module #4 - Create Your Rat Race Exit Plan (Value $70)... that's made according to your own current state of finances and your own objectives.
  • Module #5 - Build Your Team (Value $120)... that will save you money, prepare you to overcome challenges, and enable you to make decisions that are both right and on time because you won’t have to pause and go out looking for people to help you.
  • Module #6 -  Get Prequalified for a Loan (Value $120)... so that you can go out searching for investment properties with a budget in mind and close on a deal faster (before someone else takes it).
  • ​Module #7 -  Prospect for Discounted Properties (Value $130)... recognize those great deals within few minutes following a time-proven decision tree.
  • Module #8 - Analyze Rental Properties in less than 10 minutes (Value $120)... by just crunching a few numbers using the tools available in this course.
  • Module #9 - Negotiate and Submit Offers (Value $180)... that are driven by numbers (not by opinions or emotions). This allows you to make profit when you go in!
  • Module #10 - Perform Due Diligence and Commit (Value $100)... learn how to perform physical, document, and financial inspection like professional real estate investors and commit using legal exit clauses.
  • Module #11 -  Finance Your Rental Properties (Value $140)... discover the secrets to finance the deal for maximum loan to value (LTV) following creative legal strategies. This means  you could own a property with up to 100% financing.
  • ​Module #12 -  Transfer the Title (Value $80)... learn how to get ready for closing without losing sight of any of the terms agreed upon in the agreement.
  • Module #13 - Rent Your Property (Value $140)... to the right tenant, at the right rental income, & at the right time, so that your property pays you passive income from day #1 of you being a landlord. 
  • Module #14 - Manage Your Property (Value $125)... like a professional property management and increase its Net Operating Income (NOI) while optimizing its Operating Expenses; and therefore, producing maximum positive cashflow.
  • Module #15 - Scale Up Your Property Portfolio (Value $150)... following the virtuous cycle of building wealth through rental properties.
  • ​​Bonus 1 - Templates & Worksheets (Value $127)... to put it all into practice for your own situation.
  • ​Bonus 2 - Free Discovery & Strategy Session (Value $350)... with a mentor to answer all your questions and validate your plan.

Total Value: $2,352

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Where do you get started?

This loud, noisy world will put you in a million direction, causing you to stall on starting your own path to financial freedom.

We invite you to ignore the noise, and stick to tested and proven, award-winning, 3 months system that will take you by the hand and mentor you through getting on top of your personal finance and starting earning passive income from your first income-producing asset...

...while saving years of expensive trial and error.

Meet our proven, step-by-step system for earning passive income & building wealth with rental properties

Take The First Step To Build Your Wealth

10-Step System To Build Generational Wealth and Avoid The Mistakes Done By 95% of Starting Investors!

A tested and proven, award-winning, 3 months system that will take you by the hand and mentor you through getting on top of your personal finance and starting earning passive income from rental properties.
By the end of this 3 months journey

You'll be able to...

Become In Control Of Your Personal Finances

Improve your credit score and financing eligibility to attract the necessary capital to fund your investments

Develop Winning Mindset

Overcome your limiting beliefs that are making you stand in your own way to Financial Success

Create Your Rat Race Exit Plan

That's made according to your own current state of finances and your own objectives

Earn Passive Income From Cash Flowing Rental Properties

Finance, own, rent, and manage rental properties that will pay you new streams of income and grow your wealth
What's inside...
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1-1 Coaching Session


 Module #1 ($150 Value)
 Understand Your Personal Finances
 Module #2 ($100 Value)
 Why Am You There?
 Module #3 ($150 Value)
 Limiting Beliefs
 Module #4 ($70 Value)
 Where Do You Want To Be?
 Module #5 ($120 Value)
 Build Your Team
 Module #6 ($120 Value)
 Get Prequalified for a Loan
 Module #7 ($130 Value)
 Prospect for Discounted Properties
 Module #8 ($120 Value)
 Analyse Rental Properties
 Module #9 ($180 Value)
 Negotiate and Submit Offers
 Module #10 ($100 Value)
 Perform Due Diligence and Commit
 Module #11 ($140 Value)
 Finance Your Rental Properties
 Module #12 ($80 Value)
 Transfer the Title
 Module #13 ($140 Value)
 Rent Your Property
 Module #14 ($125 Value)
 Manage Your Property
 Module #15 ($150 Value)
 The Virtuous Cycle of Building Wealth through Rental Properties
Bonus #1 (Value $127)
Templates & Worksheets
Bonus #2 (Value $350)
Free Discovery & Strategy Session
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You’re Getting Something Few Other People Can Have

Total Value: $2,352

On This Page Only: $349

(85% OFF)

This Is The World’s First Step-By-Step Mentoring Course
Tested And Proven For Setting Up A Clear Investment Plan,
And Building Generational Wealth Without Leaving Your Day Job
What People Are Saying About
The Employee To Millionaire Real Estate Investor Course
A step-by-step guide to building passive income with rental properties while working in a full-time job.
The Employee Millionaire is not for people who want a “get-rich-quick” scheme, as the initial set up does require work… But, as Chammas points out, if you are willing to put in the effort, the payoff is immense.

A no nonsense approach to the nuts and bolts of real estate investing.
The Employee Millionaire advocates for building financial freedom over time and using one’s position as an employee with a regular income to secure the financing necessary to begin investing in real estate.

The Employee Millionaire is a complete guide to taking the first step towards establishing a successful real estate business …
It guides throughout the process of a real estate deal, offering insight, dos and don’ts, and useful tips along the way.

There is a heavy emphasis on the financial aspects of real estate investing. It has actual substance … I was very impressed.
If you're looking to buy real estate to hold as rental properties, you'd be hard pressed to find a better material.

You're protected with our 100% risk-free guarantee

There's no question about it, this program WILL help you finally get started building the wealthy life you've always dreamt of.

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